VendorDB – The First Six Months

We created VendorDB with the hope of simply making it easier to find and keep track of the great companies we partner with to do our jobs.

As long-time agency veterans, we know how tough it can be to find masters of the latest tech, or determine who to call for help when plans change, or how to manage a last minute triple-bid request. We were tired of the hand-me-down Excel file full of incomplete information and Google searches that usually came up empty.

Let’s not even get started on the various ‘comprehensive’ industry directories out there. Not only are they clunky, confusing and often fail to answer basic queries, most like to charge for the privilege of being listed. That’s just silly.

We honestly had no idea what to expect when we launched back in May but we knew that if we dealt with this problem on a regular basis, there might be a few other folks out there who did as well. As Fred Wilson says, the unselfish thing to do is to script for others, you never know who will face the same problem as you.

It looks like our hunch was right.

In the 6 months since launch we’ve seen users from over 100 countries (exactly 103 as of today) and an astounding number of vendors, agencies and brands.

Better yet, a surprising number of you have been kind enough to take time out of your day to sign in and leave a review for one or more of the companies that make VendorDB great. We sincerely thank you for that.

If you’re curious, here are the current top 10 countries:

1) United States 6) Sweden
2) Canada 7) Netherlands
3) United Kingdom 8) Brazil
4) India 9) France
5) Australia 10) Germany

We’ve got some fantastic things planned for 2015 but before we close out the year, we’ve got one more feature just about ready to go…

Want to know if your profile page is worth the $0.00 you’re spending on it?

Yeah, we knew you did.

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out profile metrics to all page managers. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn and the other big guys, we believe that you should see exactly how you benefit from maintaining a profile on our platform.

And while we can’t promise tons of traffic for everyone (for now), we can promise transparency and actual usage data which is whole lot more than you get from those other sites.

More specifics will be released in the near future but for now we can tell you that you’ll be able to see an in-depth snapshot of your profile’s activity over the previous 90 days. So if you haven’t already claimed your profile, there’s really no excuse not to (it is FREE after all).

The first six months have been an amazing ride and we look forward to continuing to help each and every one of you find amazing partners to work with.

– Chris Kief & Dan Murphy

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Introducing – VendorDB

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I’ve been hard at work on a little side project for the advertising world which has now officially launched – VendorDB.

Developed with my good friend and former co-worker, Dan Murphy, VendorDB is the comprehensive database of vendors and service providers for the advertising industry. Access detailed vendor information, ratings and peer reviews. All for free.

The mission is simple – help producers, creatives and those involved in the creative production process research and find the best vendor for the job.

The site offers a number of great features that make the vendor hunt fast and easy:

  • Comprehensive vendor directory containing broadcast, interactive, print, radio, experiential vendors and more
  • Search by deliverable or keyword
  • Browse by tags
  • Read reviews from peers in the industry

If you’re curious about the tech behind it, here’s our stack:

And I can’t forget to mention a couple other amazing people who helped make this a reality – Mike Hansen (design), Jake Bellacera (front-end), Emily Green, Lindsay Langenburg. Thank you all!