Troubles with PyCharm 3

PyCharm 3 was released last week and it looks like they have changed the way settings are interpreted for Django (I really should have tested their EAP releases, next time…). Unfortunately this means that if you implement your settings Disqus style, the IDE can no longer figure things out. This results in invalid template errors and missing commands when hitting option + r. I’ve logged the issue for JetBrains so we’ll see if they consider this a bug or not.

Django Settings – Disqus Style

David Cramer posted this excellent article back in 2011 about how they handle their config files. In a multi-environment setup (dev, stage, prod) this is paramount.

In his example he makes use of an environment variable to set which configuration to use. While this is probably ideal, it’s not always an option. As a replacement, you could use the IP address or host name of the machine:

HOST_IP_ADDRESS = socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname())
HOST_NAME = socket.gethostname()
if string.find(HOST_NAME, '.local') is not 1:
elif HOST_IP_ADDRESS is '':
DJANGO_CONF = 'staging'
DJANGO_CONF = 'prod'
# import from the selected environment (i.e.
module = __import__('environments.' + DJANGO_CONF, globals(), locals(), ['*'])
for k in dir(module):
locals()[k] = getattr(module, k)

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