Static Class or Simple Functions

Having worked in a variety of other languages, my first instinct was to create classes with static methods for things like utility libraries. But after digging around Google for a bit, it seems like this isn’t necessarily the way things are done in Python:

I’m not sure where I stand on this just yet. The logical argument is that classes should only be used for when you need to instantiate something. But sometimes it’s handy to make use of class variables. And really the only difference is a small change in syntax:

IDEs for Python and Django

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m a big fan of the IDE offerings from JetBrains (and who doesn’t love Prague). Tons of functionality, lightweight (when compared to my old friend Eclipse), lots of plugins and inexpensive.

One trick for any MacPorts users out there (yes, MacPorts, don’t judge), if you launch the application normally, you’ll end up using the system Python:

$ which python

No bueno. To fix this little inconvenience, PyCharm and PhpStorm offer the ability to create a command-line launcher:

You can then launch the IDE via the command-line and you’ll now be using the MacPorts binaries:

$ which python