Attempting to Present with PowerPoint

Much has been written about Microsoft’s feature bloat in Office and the Ribbon navigation but I had to chuckle yesterday when I watched a few presenters at Orrick’s Reverse Demo Day figure out how to open and run a PowerPoint.

Now these obviously weren’t everyday Windows / Office users but that shouldn’t mean it takes more than 2 seconds to figure out how to run a presentation. Unfortunately when PowerPoint opened up they were faced with this disaster:

More buttons than anyone should have to comprehend at once. Ever.

After a bit of hunting around most folks realized that the desired button was in the Slide Show tab. But even then it wasn’t totally clear as the visual cues are minimal at best:

When someone is up in front of a crowd, talking to fill space, and trying to hunt down a button, you’d think the application would make it as obvious as possible. Maybe like this…