Switching from django-storages to django-storages-redux

django-storages provides a variety of storage backends in a single library. Unfortunately it hasn’t seen a release since March of 2013 despite widespread usage and support for the library.

django-storages-redux is a Python 3 & Django 1.8+ compatible fork of the original library that’s thankfully seeing lots of ongoing maintenance and updates.

Switching over was fairly painless, with just a couple method signatures needing updates.

I highly recommend switching over if you haven’t already.

Django Compressor 1.4 Alpha

If you use the popular Django Compressor package, it’s finally getting a few much needed updates including the latest rJSmin, support for rCSSMin, as well as a variety of bug fixes.

I contributed support for yUglify now that YUI Compressor has been officially deprecated (although it lives on under a new contributor model). You can use the new filters like this:

COMPRESS_CSS_FILTERS = ['compressor.filters.yuglify.YUglifyCSSFilter']
COMPRESS_JS_FILTERS = ['compressor.filters.yuglify.YUglifyJSFilter']

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