Apple Pay Website Integration – A Guess

Benedict Evans wrote a great post on Apple Pay and asked the question – what’s next?

Well here’s a guess (pulled from these tweets)…

I haven’t seen Apple Pay website integration discussed much yet

So here’s a guess as to how it will work…

At the beginning of a site’s checkout flow (i.e. before filling out any forms), you’ll click the  Pay button

The site will ping Apple via the API which will in turn ping your iOS device (similar to 2-factor auth)

You’ll select the card to pay with and use your thumb to approve

The site will then receive a payment token to charge the order to

Ideally the site could then pull your billing / shipping info from Apple to skip those forms as well

The only step remaining will be to hit the checkout button (perhaps you tap your thumb a second time to confirm)

Simple, clean and no more credit cards online

Bonus – an obvious extension is to use the same system for 2-factor auth

Rather than enter the code shown in Google Authenticator or Authy, just press your finger

Which begs the question, could you even remove the password requirement?

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