Introducing – VendorDB

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I’ve been hard at work on a little side project for the advertising world which has now officially launched – VendorDB.

Developed with my good friend and former co-worker, Dan Murphy, VendorDB is the comprehensive database of vendors and service providers for the advertising industry. Access detailed vendor information, ratings and peer reviews. All for free.

The mission is simple – help producers, creatives and those involved in the creative production process research and find the best vendor for the job.

The site offers a number of great features that make the vendor hunt fast and easy:

  • Comprehensive vendor directory containing broadcast, interactive, print, radio, experiential vendors and more
  • Search by deliverable or keyword
  • Browse by tags
  • Read reviews from peers in the industry

If you’re curious about the tech behind it, here’s our stack:

And I can’t forget to mention a couple other amazing people who helped make this a reality – Mike Hansen (design), Jake Bellacera (front-end), Emily Green, Lindsay Langenburg. Thank you all!

One thought on “Introducing – VendorDB”

  1. Nice effort! And much needed in a trees-lost-in-the-forrest-era of questionable “talent” and “services”_ this should help add some evidence and precedence.

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