PSD Design Templates & Resources

Every once in a while even I have to do a little design work. Here are some helpful PSDs I’ve used to get it done.

960 Grid System – the classic desktop-first grid system

Bootstrap 3 PSD – mobile-first, responsive grid for Bootstrap 3

iPad GUI PSD – all the iOS 7 GUI elements in editable, vector-based format

iPhone GUI PSD – just like the iPad PSD, but for the iPhone

OS X Cursors – common cursors for Mac

2 thoughts on “PSD Design Templates & Resources”

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that
    I think you could probably answer. I was wondering, What animation tools/software should UX/UI designers learn to
    show animation/gestures in UI designs? Is there one that’s the best?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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