The Joys of iOS7

Now that I’ve had a few days with iOS 7 and have gotten over the ‘new’ factor, it’s time to start complaining.

First off – battery life. It’s bad. Really bad. I’ve turned off virtually everything on my iPhone 5 and it still drains like crazy. I seem to recall iOS 5 and 6 doing the same thing at their release so let’s hope 7.1 has some improvements.

Two – if you’ve got your phone plugged into your computer, iTunes will sometimes simply not stay closed. In previous versions of iOS you could close iTunes and leave your phone plugged in without issue. Now iTunes often reopens about 5 seconds after it’s been closed. Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere for this but I’ve yet to find it. This doesn’t appear to be consistent either. Sometimes things are fine, other times iTunes has a mind of its own.

Onto number three… they’ve changed quite a few gestures in various bundled applications. Now for the most part this wasn’t a big deal, but thinking about the non-technical folks out there (Hi Mom!), this has got to be extremely frustrating. Swipe left to right to bring up the delete button for a mail message, nope, now you need to swipe right to left. Double press the home button and hold down an icon to close it completely, nope, be sure to swipe up over the screen preview to get rid of it. Perhaps a smart thing would have been to show a small tutorial, could have been a single image overlaying the interface really, that indicates what gestures have changed when the app is first opened. Just a thought…

And finally number four – the app UIs just aren’t consistent. Perhaps I’m being picky but couldn’t they just pick something and stick with it? Let’s look at a couple apps…

The above three apps (Phone, App Store, Apple Store) all have blue icons along the bottom with labels. Some buttons such as the ones in the phone UI all have a visible hit area defined by either a stroke or solid shape. Others, such as Categories in the App Store, do not.

Now look at music…

This time we’ve switched colors but have retained the ‘floating’ nav button. How about Safari, Maps, and Mail?

Back to blue but now we’ve lost the labels below the icons. Plus there are more floating buttons in Mail. How about Calendar and Clock?

Now we’ve switched to red, with and without icons… and the number of floating buttons has increased. Maybe it’s just me but Calendar looks extra sloppy IMHO.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like what they’ve done with the interface. It’s a huge improvement over what we had in previous versions.

And I like the cleaned up, lightweight interface. But a little more consistency would be welcome. And a stroke around some of those floating text buttons perhaps?

UPDATE: Forget my UI pickiness, these guys have me beat by a long shot…

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